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From the people
From the people
Bought as a gift, but this towel was so pretty I ended up buying one for myself also. Thanks again Nectar Napkins 🤩 You are my new go-to.
— Joe S.
From the people
I love this towel, I show it off everywhere!!! This has become my signature towel, lol 😂.
— Steph
From the people
I have a new favorite brand ❤️ Shopping for a naughty gift I found this towel and immediately it reminded me of my hubby. Love it, love it, love it…
— Jessica C
From the people
Purchased for intended use, but I use this towel every chance I get. I even started taking it to the gym!
— Hunter K.
From the people
…bought as a wedding gift for friends and had to get one for myself :) Great wedding gift, would highly recommend!
— Kaylie